Runa Tea Brand Ambassador


Company Description:

Runa is an Amazonian beverage company and social enterprise based in Brooklyn, NY.  We sell beverages made from guayusa, a super-leaf native to the Ecuadorian Amazon that the indigenous Kichwa people have been brewing and drinking for thousands of years.

Our Fair Trade business helps share this rich-tasting brew with a global audience and provides a culturally valuable way for the Kichwa to participate in the global economy.

Runa now works with 2,000 farming families and is proving that sustainable, high-impact businesses in the Amazon can support producers and connect consumers to ancient traditions.

And, importantly, Runa (now sold as loose-leaf, in tea bags, and as bottled iced tea and energy drinks) balances polyphenol antioxidants and caffeine to provide you with the clean, focused energy you need to do the things you love.

We are looking for passionate and enthusiastic individuals to join us across the country for the Summer of 2014. Summer Brand Ambassadors gain a unique opportunity to contribute directly to the rapid growth of our beverage company, which is creating livelihoods for thousands of farmers in the Amazon.

Position Overview:

Summer Brand Ambassadors focus on sales (selling into stores), in-store sampling, merchandizing, and staffing marketing events. Depending on location, there may or may not be direct supervision in the field.

Successful candidates will be driven, outgoing, clear communicators with a passion for the brand, and, ideally, sales experience.  You will need to be a leader and take initiative on your own.  This job will include lots of store visits, pitching Runa to both retailers and customers, and giving out samples of Runa.  You will learn the ins and outs of the sales tactics and marketing strategies we use to build our brand and grow our organization.


Job begins Monday, June 2nd and ends Friday, August 15th. You should expect to work on nights and weekends at promotional events.


Brooklyn, NY; Boston, MA; Western Massachusetts (Northampton area); Washington, D.C.; Portland, OR; Seattle, WA; Los Angeles, CA; San Francisco, CA; Denver / Boulder, CO; Burlington, VT; Austin, TX; Chicago, IL; Charlottesville, VA

Please specify in your application where you would like to be based, or if you’re flexible.


Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.

Application Process:

To apply, follow these instructions to create a video cover letter:

Please make a 2 to 3 minute video (no longer) responding to the following prompts:

  • Briefly introduce yourself (name, where you’re from, what you’re studying)
  • Describe yourself and your personality (what makes you unique, how do other people describe your key traits and attributes)
  • Mention why you’re interested in working with Runa and what you can contribute to our team.

After recording your video, please upload it to YouTube and send us the link, or send the video file through a file sharing service like or Dropbox.
 If posting to YouTube, you can make it a private video and just grant viewing permission to
 Once you’ve created your video, send an email with the link to download or view your video cover letter and your resume attached to

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