Rumor Mill: We Want Your Tips

What have YOU heard? The Daily Meal's staff wants YOUR inside scoop

When it comes to local food news, shocking and/or offensive dining stories, abnormally shaped vegetables, and downright gossip, we know YOU are experts. More often than not, the next big thing is already your favorite restaurant or street vendor. Local dining scenes change faster than the weather — we know that — so we need your help to keep ahead of the buzz.

Tip us off on the unsung hero of neighborhood bars, or the rumor swirling about a time-honored restaurant shutting. Whether you heard it from the proverbial horse’s still-chewing mouth, or eavesdropping in the produce section, we want to know about it — even if your story is just a ridiculous experience.

Think of us as that rare friend who will never tire of your stories that involve eating because we appreciate food as much as you do. Have a photo or video to pair with it? Even better — visuals rock.

If you want to send us a press release, that's cool. But there's nothing like the synchronicity of walking by a restaurant that's either just been boarded up or is set to open. The Daily Meal's editors are looking to expand breaking food and beverage coverage, and formally open the floor to ideas from readers and contributors.

Want to remain anonymous? We’ll keep it that way. Seeking 15 minutes of gastronomic fame? We can make that happen, too. You be our eyes and ears; we’ll continue to be your source for up-to-the-minute food news, stories, and recipes. Like us on Facebook, find us on Twitter, and if you’re board (get it?), follow us on Pinterest. Your story could spread like a social media grease fire. (Too much?)

Of course, we're not just seeking the inside scoop on dining. We want to break news and discuss ideas that touch on the world of food and drink as they relate to travel, entertaining, and home-cooking, too. Below are email addresses for some of The Daily Meal's editors and a bit about what they're seeking. Drop them a line.

Come on now, don’t be shy. Spill the beans!

EAT/DINE What we're looking for: Dining or menu trends, new hot restaurant neighborhoods, openings and closings, in-advance-of-opening walk-throughs, chef gossip, outrageous receipts, and unbelievable food-crimes. Email an editor.

TRAVEL What we're looking for:  Know a great new restaurant in your city, or one you just visited? Discovered the best street snack? Are you a PR person who knows about the next big travel trend or deal before it’s announced? Give us the scoop! Email an editor.

COOK What we're looking for: We want you to share exciting things you’re discovering in your kitchens. Try an unusual ingredient in a traditional recipe? Use a mundane kitchen gadget to improve Thanksgiving? We want to learn about all your ingenious ideas. We also want to know what you want to learn. Share your wonders and concerns about cooking and we’ll work on bringing you thoughtful answers. And if you're a chef or PR person with a galley of an upcoming cookbook? Send it! Email an editor.

ENTERTAIN What we're looking for: Instagram photos from celebrity bashes, insider secrets on how to achieve an ultra luxe ambiance on a budget, and you know, just an interview or two with some of the best entertainers in the biz. Martha, Gwyneth, Pippa, here’s looking at you, ladies. Email an editor.

DRINK What we're looking for: Have the inside scoop on what it's really like to be a barrista? Know a regional soda that deserves recognition? Tips about bottled drinks and new distilled spirtis? What’s the best cocktail you’ve had lately? New brewery you wish you'd see nationwide? Wines you feel aren’t getting enough buzz? Send over what you’re drinking, and wish the rest of the world was drinking — there’s nothing like a little cocktail envy. Email an editor.

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