Ruifier Gives A Touch of Modernity To Classic Jewelry


Designs in jewelry can vary greatly, from simple threads and beading to the most ornamental and artistic creations, but there are times when contemporary jewelry is exactly what’s needed. Something new, sleek, modern—simple but attention grabbing, lasting in both beauty and form. Ruifier, a new jewelry brand in London, is blending the need for luxury pieces with contemporary design in the hopes of creating a new tradition for the next generation. Traveling the world in search of inspiration, the artistic directors focus on futuristic elements that they can bring to women who are in search of unique updates on classic luxury.   

The Ruifier design team trained at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London, and has experience working with bespoke materials that allows them to blend traditional finishing techniques and innovative design to create long lasting jewelry. While the brand does have two collections with very different aesthetics, it’s experience with customization and desire to give each customer exactly what she needs leads them to also offer a bespoke service to their more discerning clientele.

Their first line, The Icon Collection, is simplicity and modernity molded together for a fresh take on traditional pieces. Using simple chains, solid shapes and lines, it’s meant as a selection of heirloom pieces which can be treasured for a lifetime. While the design structures are far from that of classic jewelry, they do capture a sense of the present in a way that may be more meaningful to the next few generations. Using only precious stones, this line blends modern accents into more time-honored designs.

Inspired by stars in the night sky, The Kinetic Collection uses semi-precious and precious stones to emulate the twinkling of light by allowing them to move within their settings. This locomotion allows more light to reflect off of each stone making it even more brilliant at times than the stones in traditional settings. The cubic and angular structure of this line makes for more contemporary jewelry—pieces that can be dressed up or down for everyday statements or evening luxury.

All the jewels and metals in the collection are conflict-free and sourced from around the globe. While the stones and metalwork are beautiful in the overall imagery of each piece, it’s really the design and shape that Ruifier prides itself on. Their own personal blend of simplicity and trend is what makes them a modern classic.

Ruifier is available online and is priced from £189-£2,789 (approx. $305-$4,503).