Royal Caribbean Employs Robotics To Transform New Quantum Class Venue


This fusion of technology and entertainment at Royal Caribbean’s new Two70SM space, is pretty dang cool. Created by architectural firm 5+design, the venue employed the help of robots (yes, you read that right) in its design of the metamorphic venue on the Quantum class. Its name comes from its 270-degree panoramic view which gives an outside-feel while indoors, a concept that was conceived by 5+design.

Using six robotic arms in Two70’s design, Lead designer Tim Magill created a room that that transforms from a grand living area to an entertainment hub at night. When the lights go down, performance art will take center stage and lively music and light shows will keep the energy up. There’s also an ice bar ready to serve refreshingly tasty cocktails. To get a better idea of how this all works, watch the video below.