The Round Pond

Foursquare Tips

  • Observe the roundness of the pond
  • There are enough loose feathers from the ducks and geese that you can bring a pillowcase for a nice down pillow.
  • Don't miss the ice cream at Kensington palace's cafe - definitely the best one in London...
  • ! .. /
  • Full of ducks and swans
  • Its always time to feed the ducks
  • Giant geese!
  • Hyde Park ile bitiik buras. Brakn apulcu, faiz lobisi tartmasn, Londra Belediyesi buray ellesin ertesi gn belediye bakann grevden alrlar, almazlarsa hkmet der
  • Watch swans, ducks and geese fighting with seagulls, pigeons and young kids
  • So many swans! You can feed them. They eats bread crumbs.