Rough Plane Trip Ahead? Get Some Inflight Health Wellness

FlyFit bars, drinks, and even chips said to offer healthy inflight option

Virgin Australia

Flying certainly can take it out of you, the dryness of the cabin, time zone changes and dehydration just to mention a few. To help make the journey easier, a company in the Netherlands has produced a range of inflight health wellness products some of which are said to contribute to healthier blood flow during flight.

Vitalit Laboratories has produced the FlyFit range of products: A range of nutritional bars, vitamin c shots, the Flyfit drink, the FlyFit Flow drink and the FlyFit Naked Chips. Each item is said to aide in assisting passengers to overcome the ailments associated with air travel and the companies main focus is to produce health orientated products.

FlyFit made its’ debut in the airline industry on Air Berlin and is now in the third year of operation with the airline. Air Berlin offers the nutritional bar as well as the FlyFit drink as part of its inflight service on select flights.

The FlyFit bars are produced in Austria in a nut free environment and include fig, cranberry, chocolate and organic flavors. If you’re flying Virgin Australia you could be served the nutritional bar range as part of the complimentary inflight service that Virgin Australia provides to guests. (To keep passengers interested in the product Virgin Australia changes the flavors of the bars regularly.)

The vitamin c shot product has been well thought out, the product itself is added to existing airline cutlery packs (along with the salt and pepper) so next time your opening your cutlery pack inflight keep an eye out for a vitamic C shot!

A new product called FlyFit Fruit chips which are 100 percent natural and come in apple, peach or pineapple flavors were launched in Hamburg at the World Travel Catering Expo. Feedback was overwhelmingly positive from all clients, the product is freeze dried very crispy and much better for you than a packet of chips.

It’s not just the passengers who benefit from FlyFit! Cabin crew at Air Canada Jazz, Thomas Cook and easyJet airlines are being given some of the range as part of their crew meals to help fight the effects of working at 35,000ft.

The FlyFit flow drink option (which is high in anti-oxidants) contains fruit flow to help promote healthy blood flow for up to 18 hours, perfect for those ultra long haul flights.

The company is currently in discussions with a number of airlines worldwide to assist with their inflight wellness programs for passengers. So the next time your flying look out for these, they may be coming to an airline near you soon!

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