Alamanda Shopping Centre (LG71)
Putrajaya, WP Putrajaya 62000
+60 3-8888 9894


  • One bun to rule them all!
  • Rotiboy is delicious and never say never to bake it!! Sungguh sedap,,,
  • Rotiboy of course! Delish! Yums!
  • Mochaboy is my favourite
  • Zaman dating dulu klcc rege sbiji rm1 - 1.20 je sbiji.. skrg dh rm2 lebih nk dekat 3 rengget..
  • Do not pass by this shopthe smell make u want to have 1 LOL
  • Mexican bun a MUST buy!
  • makan panas2 baru sedap
  • Bau sedappppp
  • ...panas2...
  • Tapau utk #myBodyGuard fov dia..
  • Don't come to early eg. 10.15 am as the famous roti boy is still not ready yet. Try their sandwiches instead if u're still hungry and hell yeah they didn't dissapoint :)!!
  • Antara kegemaran anak-anak n wifeku. Roti lembot n layan. In diet process need to control eat. ;)
  • By the look of it i thought it was cikai teh tarik ice. Turn out to be tasty. Nicee :)
  • ButtermilkBoy...lazat
  • Boleh saja....
  • Must try hot choco dino here
  • I like the sandwiches!
  • Inti masin mcm ketiak org yg jual tu jugak. Huh.
  • laparr mkn jap :D

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