Rothko Chapel

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  • Contemplation and action are Rothko Chapels dual vocations and the program offerings reflect both. Have you tried one of the noon-time meditations?
  • Go to Rothko Chapel and enjoy the serenity.
  • Come here on a cloudy windy day and watch the light change on the paintings..
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  • There is a great energy here, fall into the paintings with an easy eye and breath, they know the nature of reality, the borders dissolve and the purple envelopes, just as the faade of what we see
  • Just had a spiritual experience...
  • Amazing place to contemplate unfortunate medical news.
  • My soul lives here.
  • 40 minute meditations for 40 days to celebrate 40th anniversary of the Rothko Chapel.
  • A great complement to the currebt Rothko exhibition @ MFA
  • This place is quiet enough that I can hear my heart beating in my ears. It goes from meditative to unnerving really fast.
  • I love to meditate here!
  • Didn't see the rainbow, but love the concept
  • Small space worth looking at if in the area.
  • #art #appreciation
  • This place is beautiful. It is so peaceful and serene. It just speaks to me.
  • Calm, quite.
  • Definitely the most unusual chapel I've ever been.
  • Interesting way to present Rothko art. The feeling of death.
  • I don't ever go inside. Just sit outside by the pool