Roper's Ribs

$ $
West Florissant (at Jennings Station Rd)
St Louis, MO 63136
(314) 381-6200



  • Try this place or you're crazy for not. Meat falls right off the bone. Amazing. Won't find places like this often. Sooo good!
  • Excellent customer service and mouth watering delicious food.
  • Just had a pulled pork sandwich with potato salad. This was easily the best BBQ pork sandwich I've ever had. Mrs. Roper said they are a small place but big on taste, and that's no joke!
  • What isn't good here is the better question
  • I had rib tips & snoots. Tasted just like i remember ... Delicious! Has a move convo with the Ropers!
  • Worth the price bc the portions are big and the food is so good
  • Best food we had the whole trip!!
  • The ribs!! Nothing more to say, one of, if not the best ribs I've ever eaten!
  • I enjoy the food everytime I go
  • Okay the tripe was hella good, but still a pricey joint.
  • Snoots, Riblets, Chicken.
  • Snoots, Riblets, and Chicken.
  • Snoot is delicious