The Rocks

The Rocks, NSW 2000



  • In the summer it's an attractive venue for a night out, and among other things contains the highest concentration of historic pubs in Sydney.
  • A living proof that Sydney has been high on spirits even 200 years back. Find the oldest pub in Sydney and also find a self-cook steak place. Enjoy Sydney!
  • The oldest suburb in Sydney. Named for Arthur Phillip's command upon mooring in what is now Circular Quay, "chain the prisoners up to the rocks!"
  • One of historical places in Sydney, plenty of cafes and restaurants here
  • For some good Japanese food in the rocks, check out Nakashima on Cambridge Street (It's off Argyle). Truly well hidden gem!
  • Historic pubs, magnificently preserved 18th century buildings, yet it was nearly all pulled down. In '73 the famous 'Green Ban' was placed on the Rocks. Read See Hear more history where it happened
  • has photo walks here.
  • Great market for gifts!
  • Hard to go wrong with Friday lunch at the Rocks markets.
  • Very nice quarter. Come here to see the old Sydney ! Plenty of bars and restaurants !
  • Worth a wander around.
  • The Rocks is a must walk for anybody visiting Sydney, or if you are Sydneysider just looking for a nice walk. :) Go west of the bridge to the less touristy side.
  • 200 years of history mixed in a beautiful area
  • Tours leave from Cadman Cottage at 6pm everyday from I'M FREE tours! Tour guides wear like green shirts and its free! But tip well, they're very knowledgeable!
  • Be careful of the birds. If u eat at the food court guard your food and cover it. The birds WILL steal it from your bowl right in front of you if you do not cover/hover over it.
  • Dark Side Masks are excellent for costume parties.
  • Terrific rare roast beef rolls at Playfair Cafe
  • Dare in The Rocks' Square has terrific food for people with allergies or dietary restrictions.
  • Cervecita de la tarde !!
  • Sehr nett hier.

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