Other Outdoors, Scenic Lookout, Lake
Milwaukee, WI 53202


  • Great Sun!
  • Hardest place to mayor ever. Ive been 2-5 days away for a month
  • Take a stroll down the riverwalk down to the Third Ward. A morning jog or a nightime stroll -- it's a great way to walk through downtown.
  • Watch for rich, drunk middle-aged women dancing to contemporary hip-hop on their boats on Friday/Saturday nights!
  • Great place to hang out to get out of the sun in the summer time at lunch time.
  • This is the best place to have lunch
  • I've watched the riverwalk grow in hobo population over the past couple years
  • Peaceful if you find a spot to sit where there isn't a bum who set up house on one of the benches!
  • Its a Riverwalk where you must go up and down and sometimes all around to follow, but it takes you nicely though Downtown MKE.
  • Very mediocre, youve seen nicer riverwalks elsewhere.
  • Another MKE gem.
  • Very romantic walk
  • It would be nicer to stroll the area in warmer weather!
  • Great view and relaxing spot.
  • A worthy endeavor if you want to get a completely different look at Milwaukee.
  • Yesterday the river took another life. Drink responsibly.
  • Careful the lifts don't work! Couldn't get my grandma who's in a wheelchair anywhere!
  • The river walk is great all year long
  • Using $13 million of public and private funds, the City of Milwaukee redeveloped the blighted downtown waterfront area into a pedestrian oriented greenspace.
  • Provides a beautiful walkway through downtown Milwaukee. Make sure to pack a camera to take pictures of all the unique artwork along the way!

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