Riverside Phnom Penh

River, Scenic Lookout
Sisowath Quay
Phnum Pénh, Phnom Penh


  • Hmm..it's a nice scenery!!! Many people jogging and exercise in the morning and happening at night!! You can view sunrise here too!!!
  • Seems like a jogging place... also at sunset they have free aerobic lessons ;)
  • This is where its all happening!
  • Sinh foo restaurant
  • Beatiful happening but smelly from the smell of the river and piss
  • Beware of locals who wants to befriend you by complimenting your clothes and saying their relative is going to your country. It's a known scam called "poker scam". Click link to learn more.
  • Nice view here from Amanjaya Hotel
  • Beautiful walk along the river. Best come early morning or evening as it's unshaded
  • The riverside is not THAT special. Alot of good restaurants, but too much garbage along the river.
  • Fresh air and my feel relax
  • You can get some good deals here between happy hours.
  • Good specials, great dessert, great service.
  • Stunning at sunrise. Don't forget to turn around and see the sun glinting off the gold on the Royal Palace. Join in with the dancers for morning exercise.
  • Get here by bike is a cool idea
  • nice view and nice place to jog
  • Indie rock covers on the weekends. Oh yeah!
  • Smells of sewage but its a city and hot so to be expected. Nice to walk along and watch people and its wide enough to not be bothered by traffic
  • Ehh, not a fun walk in fact