Ritter Park

Park, Other Outdoors
1310 8th Ave
Huntington, WV 25701
(304) 696-5954


  • Be sure to check out the rose garden.
  • Ritter Park is BEAUTIFUL and there are always so many people there and it's a great place to go to to make friends!
  • Ritter Park is listed as one of the Great Places in America by the American Planning Association in 2012. http://www.planning.org/greatplaces/.
  • Ritter Park is the best picnic spot ever! It has picnic tables, shelter with grills, and electrical outlet.
  • A great place to relax and people watch.
  • I ran this morning in Ritter Park :)))
  • A good workout while having fun.
  • My boyfriend and I went here to catch fireflies for our first date. We now take our daughter there for the same thing. It's a very family friendly place, and it's absolutely beautiful.
  • Kid's play area is great.
  • Ritter Park has the coolest playground for children. The structures in the playground are designed to look naturalistic and include climbing boulders, dinosaur sand pit, swings, and slides.
  • Ritter Park is an amazing place for outdoor weddings and events. The rose garden is picturesque for weddings and the amphitheater is great for varieties of events.
  • The new addition of the Ritter Park Pet Safe Dog Park is great relief for all dog owners!
  • Ritter Park and its amenities are designed by landscape architect Gus Wofford. The park is located in the Ritter Park Historic District, listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1990.
  • Ritter park is cool sometimes i go on the zipline.I go there couple of times
  • Ritter park is awsome also the zipline. and squirls are cute.But i went there couple of teams
  • Ritter park is so cool i went there a couple times.I also went on the zipline
  • Great place for photos!
  • Walk a mile a day to keep the doctor away
  • Go to Ritter Park to eat your Baskin Robbins ice cream and check out the dragon rock sculpture. Pretty Cool!!!

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