R.I.P. Acadian Farms & Brewery has Closed

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R.I.P. Acadian Farms & Brewery has Closed


R.I.P. Acadian Farms & Brewery in the Oregon/Washington Gorge is the latest brewery to close in the past few months, following Rogue’s Eugene City Brewery/Tracktown and Old Mill Brew Wërks in Bend. Acadian Farms & Brewery was a beloved part of the Gorge beer scene, known for its quaint tasting room on the family farm amid livestock and views. In May of 2014 Acadian Farms overcame troubles that almost forced it to close when Skamania County held a public forum about shutting the brewery down due to zoning issues and above average traffic to its non-commercial property with insufficient parking and roads. (We chronicled that struggle and the outpouring of public support here.) Eventually Acadian Farms came to terms with the city council and regulators to stay open as essentially a growler fill station that was able to serve beers for on-premise consumption, but only in plastic throwaway cups or the purchase of a new glass each time, as the facility did not have a commercial dishwasher. Acadian was also forced to get outdoor port-a-pottys because the beautiful outhouse that was built was not up to code. Back in August of 2014 Acadian considered moving to a commercial space and upgrading their brewhouse but that would mean leaving behind the serene farmhouse setting that made them who they were.


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After reaching terms with Skamania County and continuing to operate through December of 2014, Acadian Farms & Brewery shut down for the winter and has now made the decision to permanently shut down and sell the nanobrewery and farm. Owners Benton and Nicole Bernard are moving to New Orleans for a fresh start outside of the brewing industry.

“After the decision to let us only operate as a growler fill station came back last fall, we decided that wouldn’t be sustainable for our business….It was a very hard decision to come to.”

It’s a sad ending to one of our more unique breweries in the area; located in Carson, Washington, it was just 30 minutes from Hood River. Acadian Farms’ fresh, nearly 1 barrel system that was built last summer and used for only a few months is now for sale. The mash tun and kettle are 30 gallon Blichmann tanks and a 27 gallon stainless steel hot liquor tank comes with hoses, quick connects, Therminator wort chiller, a pump and 2 propane tanks are all for sale for $3,500. There are also 20 pin lock kegs and a 5-tap kegorator the company needs to part with,. too. You can contact them at acadianorganics@gmail.com.

Co-owner Nicole Bernard adds, “it’s bittersweet and was a hard decision to come to. Also, everyone in the beer community and our little community have been amazing and supportive and we loved doing what we did for the few years that we did it and couldn’t have done it with out them! We made some great memories!”

Update: the entire farm is for sale for $275,000 you could purchase the entire operation and continue their legacy http://www.windermere.com/listing/32428111

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