Rioters in Central Athens Burn Starbucks, and More

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Rioters in Central Athens Burn Starbucks, and More

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Riots in Greece Burn Starbucks, Cafés: After Greek lawmakers passed an unpopular bill to seek an EU/IMF bailout and avoid national bankruptcy, rioters burned cafés, cinemas, banks, and shops in central Athens, including a Starbucks. [Reuters/Miami Herald]

Michelle Obama Judges Top Chef-esque Competition: For the anniversary of Let's Move, the first lady judged three former Top Chef winners who teamed with schools to create kids' lunches. Obama took the easy way out and named everyone a winner. [Let's Move]

McDonald's Manager Allegedly Burns Man with Oil: A manager of a Sydney McDonald's allegedly threw hot oil on a man who threatened to kill him and jumped over the counter. The victim, who was just a bit drunk, received burns to his face, chest, and arms. [Herald Sun]

Is Synthetic Fiber Good for You?: NPR looks at the truth behind fiber supplements, showing that white bread (with added supplements) usually only has 3 grams of fiber, the lowest amount needed to advertise itself as a "good source of fiber." A whole apple with skin on has 5 grams of fiber. [NPR]

Sandestin Wine Festival Winners Announced: Florida's wine festival announced its best of show for 2012: the 2009 Garrigue Vacqueyras from Southern Côtes du Rhône, France, and the 2010 La Crele, a sauvignon blanc by Domain Thomas Sancerre in the Loire Valley, France. [Sacramento Bee]

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