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Foursquare Tips

  • Get the halibut cheeks. Let me say that again. GET THE HALIBUT CHEEKS.
  • One of the only places you can get a churchkey!
  • Closing tonight, 8/21/2013 :(
  • Octopus appetizer was the best preparation of Octopus I've ever had by a margin of victory that borders on the absurd
  • Halibut was so yummy! Light and perfect portion size
  • Cocktail bar is LEGIT. The cute bartenders chisel the ice blocks... And it's delish!
  • Riffle Collins gin lime, celery, absinthe and salt. Freudian Slipvodka, lime, watermelon and aperol.
  • They're kind of serious about the ice in their drinks: http://the-magazine.org/10/icecapades
  • Sit at the Chef's bar. Trust that anything you order is going to be fantastic.