Rick's American Cafe

Bar, Nightclub, Dive Bar
$ $
224 Abbot Rd (Albert)
East Lansing, MI 48823
(517) 351-2285


  • Just try not to touch anything while you are here...
  • Get a black card and spend bank. Not in that order.
  • Half off Tuesdays!
  • Sean gold got crabs from the toilets
  • Back bar is where it's at
  • Great place to black out
  • The place to be on Thrusdays!!
  • Get a VIP card.
  • While you're here, talk to my main dude MZ about getting a VIP card and see his main chick LiaPants for drinks
  • There are a lot of drunk people dancing all akward and a dude wearing a green adidas track suit. Wtf. Its not the 90s anymore.
  • My flip flops are sticking to the floor.
  • STR always. A Michigan state tradition.
  • sticky with love.
  • PURE Promotions and DJDC are here every Wednesday night. Come check them out for sure!!
  • Great place to be when with a bunch of drunk friends!
  • Home away from home.
  • Be careful there's a memory snatcher on the last stair- once you walk into ricks past the stairs your memory of your night there is wiped away into oblivion.
  • Worst place I've ever been.
  • Don't waste your time, service sucks.
  • Crowded and the floor was so wet I'm surprised people weren't falling all over. Dirty and sticky booths. Kept sticking my hand in gum! Gross place. Good DJ though.

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