Rick Bayless Opening College Eatery at Northwestern

What is it with famous chefs upping the ante at college campuses?

While Guy Fieri may be bringing his Tex-Mex-Japanese-fusion cuisine to Montclair State University this fall, Rick Bayless will be slinging some serious Mexican food at Northwestern University.

According to the University's website, Bayless' team will be opening a Frontera Fresco at the university's student center, Norris, replacing a Sbarro, Jamba Juice, and Crepe Bistro. No offense to those guys, but it sounds like a good trade-off.

The menu will reportedly include Frontera Fresco's standard tacos, tortas, tamales, quesadillas, soups, and salads. But the team is also adding breakfast to the menu. "The space previously occupied by the Crepe Bistro will become part of Frontera, offering coffee, hot chocolate, pastries, smoothies, soft-serve ice cream and a make-your-own parfait bar," the website says.

"It’s a new concept that we’re developing for Northwestern and we’re really excited about it," Stacy Dixon, a Frontera's representative, told Northwestern. "With this additional sweets component, it’s really kind of a one-stop shop where you can come back many times during the day and have something different each time."

In the meantime, recent Northwestern grads are griping about graduating too early, as Bayless tacos would be just the sort of thing to get on a Sunday morning.