Reykjavik Harbour

Harbor / Marina, Scenic Lookout
Reykjavík, Höfuðborgarsvæði 101
+354 525 8900


  • Great place for whale watching. Just be sure to avoid restaurants that serve whale in town - it's not an authentic local dish, just recently adopted to cater to tourists.
  • View this photo of Reykjavik Harbour around 1890. Photographer is Sigfus Eymundsson. (Reykjavik Museum of Photography)
  • Go for the whales
  • Take a walk and relax . Great view.
  • Great view!
  • Viking boat. ,
  • the cutest area with tons of restaurants and a great view
  • A place swarming with activity and buzz. It's full of cafes, bars and restaurants.
  • Love the sights and smells here
  • A supernice place, make sure to try some fish and chips
  • Beautiful site and they are a ton of shops and museums to visit.
  • , - ) , , Enjoy!
  • Multiple sightseeing tours located here along with a few restaurants and amazing scenery with the mountains. Very beautiful.
  • Nice place to walk around and have dinner there.
  • Lots of neat restaurants here that are worth exploring
  • Whale tour from this area was amazing, also nice for just walking around with scenic views and a variety of shops
  • Beautiful place !!
  • Nice area. Still, shops and restaurants are even more expensive than downtown.
  • Great place to walk, have a meal, find whale tours, take photos and wander!!
  • Great walks there, and amazing views

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