Revolutionary On-the-Go Real Cheese and Bacon Snack

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Revolutionary On-the-Go Real Cheese and Bacon Snack

ATLANTA and SONOMA, Calif., Oct. 17, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Sonoma Creamery® has taken Cheese and Bacon--two of America's favorite foods--and combined them into a crunchy, flavorful, on-the-go, high protein snack.

At the NACS Show on October 18, 2016 at Booth 752, Sonoma Creamery will take healthy indulgence to the next level by introducing its newest snack innovations, Sonoma Creamery Bacon Cheddar Crisps and Sonoma Creamery Cheddar Crisps.

Sonoma Creamery's Bacon Cheddar Crisps are baked, never fried. Natural rBST-Free Cheddar Cheese and Real Uncured Applewood Smoked Bacon, with no added Nitrates or Nitrites, are baked with a sprinkling of certified gluten-free Organic Brown Rice and Organic Oat Bran into thin, crunchy, cheesy crisps.

Sonoma Creamery Cheddar Crisps are similarly baked, never fried. Natural rBST-Free Cheddar Cheese is combined with certified gluten-free Organic Quinoa, Organic Brown Rice and Organic Oat Bran into a crispy crunchy treat.

Both new varieties of Crisps have a clean label, with ONLY INGREDIENTS YOU CAN PRONOUNCE:

  • Real, all natural rBST-free Cheddar Cheese
  • Real, uncured Applewood Smoked Bacon with no added nitrates or nitrites
  • Certified Gluten-Free Ancient Grains
  • 10g Protein per serving
  • 25% of daily value of Calcium per serving
  • Preservative-free
  • Corn-free, Wheat-free
  • 0g of Sugar
  • No Trans Fat
  • Clean, simple, easy to read ingredients

These two new varieties of Crisps pair well with Sonoma Creamery's Parmesan Crisps. Made from 10-Month Aged rBST-free Parmesan Cheese and a sprinkling of certified gluten-free ancient grains – Organic Quinoa, Organic Oat Bran and Organic Brown Rice – they are baked into thin, crunchy, cheesy Crisps.  The wafer thin, square shape makes them a versatile cracker, perfect for snacking, topping and dipping.

In addition to the full line of Sonoma Creamery Crisps, Sonoma Creamery will be showing Mr. Cheese O's, Sonoma Creamery's groundbreaking Crunchy Real Cheese™ Snack and their all natural refrigerated fresh cheese snack, Sonoma Jack® Nuggets, at NACS Show Booth 752.

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Commitment to Quality

Inspired by the vibrant agricultural bounty of Sonoma County, Sonoma Creamery® was founded in 1931.  Ever since, we have believed in a simple concept - use the best milk and produce quality cheese products.

At the core of our success is a commitment to using the best all natural ingredients, including milk that's free of artificial hormones, to craft our flagship Sonoma Creamery® and Sonoma Jack® cheeses and our innovative crunchy real cheese snacks. Our snack line-up includes Sonoma Creamery Parmesan Crisps, Cheddar Crisps Bacon Cheddar Crisps, and our Mr. Cheese O's® Crunchy Real Cheese™ Snacks, which come in six mouthwatering flavors: Parmesan, Cheddar, Sweet Chili, Tuscan Herb, French Onion and Zesty BBQ.


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