The Ultimate Meat Lovers' Joint: Willis Co Barbeque


For a break from the Eastern Shore’s beloved bivalves, mosey over to Willis Co Barbeque. This meat-lovers’ joint is tucked away from the main drag in tiny Willis Wharf. As a kid, owner and Galveston native Bobby Seckers followed his tow-boat-driving dad to Willis Wharf; 20 years later, he’s bringing authentic Texas BBQ to his adopted state. Dig into classics like pork ribs, brisket, and the juiciest chicken around, all slow-cooked on a monster smoker out back. Sides include collards, mac n’ cheese, and tater tot casserole, a tasty combo of tots, cheese, cream of mushroom soup, and sour cream inspired by a popular Texas spot, Opie’s. If you can squeeze in dessert, opt for homemade cookies hot from the oven. Southern comfort abounds in the historic building, complete with old-timey knick-knacks and an inviting, wooden bar. Follow the locals—and pecan smoke—for VA’s home to TX ‘cue. Open Fri-Sat. 11am-9:30pm, Sun. 12-7pm. Beer and wine.