Need a Solid Sunday Brunch Spot? Head to Austin's The Park in Domain

Great food, great prices, and great drinks

The mimosas make this brunch even better.

Brunch is considered an official pastime here in Austin.  In order of importance it goes tacos, bbq, food trucks, and then comes brunch.  It’s just that serious.  I’m not a big brunch person, but I’m married, so by default I must be a willing participant.

I’m a fan of day drinking on a Sunday and the concept of eating a nice meal while drinking seems to just fit my overall life goals.  With that in mind I was pretty excited when The Park at The Domain restaurant invited my wife and me to be its guests for Sunday brunch.  We had plans that afternoon, so stopping in to fuel up and pre-game our lake day seemed ideal.

One issue I’ve had with brunch at times is the fact that some nicer places require a credit check and a gold card; we’re talking a week’s worth of grocery costs for just one meal.  I was pleased to find out the brunch buffet here was only $16 per person.  A fair price is a good start.  Upon further research I learned they had five different kinds of mimosas and a Grey Goose bloody Mary bar with dozens of variations to create your own.  I had a feeling we were in for a treat.

Upon arrival we were seated in the inside dining room, but could have elected to try one of the patios.  It was a little hot that day, so we decided to stay in the AC.  Then came the mimosas, and at $1 a piece we felt obligated to try them all.  Of the five variations, which included: regular, pineapple basil, strawberry citrus, mango ginger, and prickly pear, my wife’s favorite was the pineapple basil, whereas I really like the prickly pear.  Honestly they were all good and not one went to waste.

I then made myself a bloody Mary, and at $5 with top shelf Grey Goose and 60 variations how could I resist? I put together a variation on a steak dinner in a glass, complete with Ribeye Mix, A-l, and hot sauce.  It was a drink that I kept going back to the strange savory sips were almost irresistible.

We were also treated to a very unique take on guacamole, complete with pomegranate and mango.  Sweet, creamy, and worth ordering.  We also tried the queso, which was very good and included chorizo, and just the right amount of cheesy, savory spice to compliment this brunch time meal.

Now, on to the meal itself.  It was buffet- style, but didn’t disappoint.  It included a myriad of choices from stereotypical breakfast items, like eggs migas, biscuits, French toast, and more to some lunch type items such as pork roast, chicken enchiladas, sandwiches, and much, much more.  Typically, with a situation like this, I try to get a couple of bites of everything then go back for the things I really liked to get full servings.  I really enjoyed the migas and the biscuits and gravy, and the chicken enchiladas were good as well. 

Let’s be honest, you don’t eat a meal like this to be wowed by culinary prowess. It’s a solid hangover meal that is designed to prepare you to transition from Saturday Night Fever to Sunday Funday.  The Park accomplishes just that.  Great drinks, good food, and fair prices. What more can you really ask for? Will I be back?  Absolutely!  I would even meet up with friends there after a late Saturday night. 

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