Need a Good Reason to get to the Minneapolis Airport Early? Surdyk’s.

Make sure the delicious breakfast fare doesn't make you miss your flight!

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The classic breakfast sandwich with prosciutto and egg is so good it should be illegal!

When you think of airport food, you probably imagine fast food or a cold, to-go sandwich that you have to eat, most likely while you are waiting for a delayed flight. Nothing against fast food (who doesn’t love burgers and fries), but sometimes you want to indulge before you go on your trip. If you are at the Minneapolis airport and craving some good eats, make sure to stop by at Surdyk’s Flights Wine Market & Bar.

Surdyk’s is originally a liquor and cheese shop — think your favorite wines and then the meat and cheese platters of your dreams! With locations in both Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 of the airport, no matter what airline you fly, you will have the opportunity to stop by for some amazing options.

I personally love its breakfast options, so I always get the breakfast panini with pepper jack cheese, avocado, and egg. I add prosciutto to it as well because I might as well treat myself to some of their amazing deli meats! If you arrive in the afternoon, they have perfect small bites that are prepared quickly from salumi plates to house made pretzels.

What differentiates them at the airport is the wine pairings with each menu item and the wine flights they have that change by season. I am personal a huge fan of champagne so I will get its “Tiny Bubbles” flight; it’s a perfect pick-me up before I travel to my next destination.

If you are truly in a rush, even the to-go sandwiches, snacks, and pastries are of high-quality. Surdyk’s is truly showcasing not just great airport food but overall amazing culinary options that you would crave even when you aren’t traveling!

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