Mumbai’s Smoke House Deli is Good for Vegetarians, Great for Carnivores

Mumbai’s Smoke House Deli is Good for Vegetarians, Great for Carnivores
Smoke House Deli

The different variations of bruschetta on Smoke House Deli’s menu are great options for vegetarians.

We put to task chef Glyston Gracias and ask him to please three strict vegetarians with inclusions from the new menu at Smoke Hose Deli, in Lower Parel, Mumbai.

Having visited Smoke House Deli once previously with a carnivore, I was convinced that the restaurant is loved by those who eat meat, but doesn’t exactly have lip-smacking options for vegetarians. However, with several vegetarian options on the new menu, here are vegetarian dishes—from starters to desserts—which we loved at SHD, Mumbai.

Appetizers and Entrées
Bruschetta (390 Rs; 6.24 USD): A traditional Italian starter of garlic bread with toppings, we tried three variations. Those who wish to stick to the classics can try the tomato with feta cheese while to experiment, the spinach and artichoke is a must-try.

Coal smoked eggplant with miso and tabbouleh (240 Rs; 3.84 USD): Don’t judge it by the ingredients as this comforting sour soup won’t disappoint the ones who wish to experiment.

Slow roast plum tomato with basil (240 Rs; 3.84): The SHD take on the classic tomato soup, this one’s a must-have for those who like to keep it simple.

Flat bread of the day (370 Rs; 5.92 USD): A recommended appetizer which comes in varied toppings like sun-dried tomatoes, bocconcini cheese, and artichoke.

Farfalle spicy arrabbiata (450 Rs; 7.21 USD): The classic pasta in a fiery arrabbiata sauce; we loved ours with some extra spice!

The underage guests I took with me stuck to the classic Oreo cookie smoothie; blueberry smoothie; and the kiwi, melon, and jasmine Lemonade while I enjoyed my apple soaked mojito and strawberry margarita.

Raspberry Oreo cheesecake
(220 Rs; 3.52 USD): The SHD signature, there’s an Oreo cookie crust with smooth raspberry cheesecake—this one shouldn’t be missed.

Flourless chocolate fudge (270 Rs; 4.32 USD): We won’t be surprised if you don’t need much convincing to come to Smoke House Deli just to eat this gooey chocolate indulgence.

While the vegetarian options still aren’t something that Smoke House Deli will be known for, the varieties have increased. Of course, with classic carnivorous favorites and the beautiful interior that the restaurant boasts, SHD will draw regulars and newcomers by its pre-established stature. While the restaurant may not be a strict vegetarian’s paradise yet, those who love their meat, eggs, and all day breakfasts are likely to join the deli’s continuing line of devoted patrons.

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