Jersey Serves up Spanish Inspired Diablo Wings for Nationwide Celebration

Jersey Serves up Spanish Inspired Diablo Wings for Nationwide Celebration
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Not too many people know my weaknesses when it comes to food, except for my home page that is. I started my day off as usual by starting my laptop so I could check my emails and bam! I could feel my tummy beaming at the sight of a news article announcing that today is National Buffalo Wing Day. Hooray! I didn’t have any initial special plans to eat out, but I figured I could score a sweet deal at a local eatery. I Yelped a few places in nearby Union County and decided to visit the Lobby restaurant in Elizabeth. The place was conveniently located to my next stop so I decided to go there. If you’re reading this and from the tri-state area you know today was a sweltering day in the Garden State, but I couldn’t resist taking on more heat by trying their Diablo Wings for lunch. Then again, being Spanish myself, how could I resist a hot, burning chance at eating my favorite part of a chicken?!


My crispy chicken wings came out in no time and they were served up with a nice cold beer to cool me off. I knew my prayers had been answered! The Diablo Wings may raise hell later but for at the moment it hit all the right places. They were hot and meaty and crunchy enough to chomp down. They weren’t greasy at all, making it a bit easier for dieters to reason. Plus, it comes with fresh veggies as well.


All in all, there’s no torture or misery in the Diablo Wings. Whether it is today or another day, I highly recommend you sample them.

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