Ardeo + Bardeo Introduces Chef Dearden and His Menu to Washington, DC


Chef Dearden’s heirloom tomato salad.

What to Eat
The menu, showcased by chef Jonathan Dearden, featured a variety of American modern dishes. To start, chef Dearden presented two appetizers. First was an heirloom tomato salad with whipped goat cheese, pickled blackberries, and almond brittle. The tomatoes were sweet, and, fun fact: Ardeo + Bardeo grow their own tomatoes. Chef Dearden believes that if you come to a bistro, you obviously have to try the tartar.  The second appetizer was a short rib tartar with a hint of hot sauce, served with crispy onions. It was important to note that chef Dearden used a fattier cut than what you may typically see at other restaurants. He considers this to be the right cut, as to him it has the perfect amount of fat to provide flavor to the tartar. 

Eric Linderman

Ardeo + Bardeo's tartar.

The first featured entrée was a Vadouvan roasted red snapper with kale succotash and corn puree. The fish was well-prepared and moist, however, the corn puree that decorated the plate was the highlight the dish with a smooth and creamy texture. Chef Dearden may even say that the corn puree is something you have probably never experienced. The last entrée featured was the wagyu beef bavette steak served with a crispy bone marrow and baby squash. The steak was perfectly grilled and tender to the point of melting in your mouth. The crispy bone marrow served came in the form of a “tater tot” and was a fun side to serve with the steak. The crispy bone marrow was extremely creamy and full of flavor. 

Eric Linderman

The wagyu beef entrée.

The desserts at Ardeo + Bardeo are good to pair with any dinner and compliment the summer season.  The lemon-vanilla chiffon is made with fresh lemons and olive oil and leaves a pallet cleansing effect.  The blueberry tart is in season and chef Dearden made sure to highlight the natural sweetness of blueberries. The chocolate mousse was made with 72 percent chocolate and will leave any chocolate lover happy. 

What's the Score
Ardeo + Bardeo offers diners an upscale dining experience as well as being a stable local favorite.  With a wide range of wine and cocktails, it is recommended to go with any, but the Bleu Belle is Ardeo + Bardeo's most popular drink and is very refreshing.  For novelty and a unique dining experience, start off with the heirloom tomato salad appetizer made with in-season home garden tomatoes. For the entrée, the wagyu steak and crispy bone marrow is a highlight.  The steak is tender and the crispy bone marrow is full of flavor (and 200 calories a bite).  To finish everything off, for dessert get the chocolate mousse made with 72 percent chocolate or the in-season blueberry tart.