Restoran Bo Kee & You 芙蓉波仔鱼头米

Chinese, Seafood
Taman AST
Seremban, Negeri Sembilan


  • Fish head noodle here too milky for me
  • Love their dish - frog with ginger and spring onion. The texture of the frog is extremely smooth and taste is perfect.
  • Ginger steamed eel and ginger spring onion frog is a must. Fish head noodles is good too. Remember to add fish balls.
  • RM 7 for one BIG bowl of fish head bihun. Not bad :)
  • Rm11 for a big portion. Im quite picky when it comes to fish dishes and im happy with the fish fillet served, quite fresh. Wish the soup was slightly thicker, just personal preference though.
  • Fish head beehoon with generous portion of fish fillet and fish maw.
  • Tried their steamed kampong chicken too. Generous amount of ginger dip to go with the chicken. Yumz.
  • Hong Kong Style Steam Haruan is awesome. The blanched vege is loaded with pork lard. Signature fish head noodle is spicy with pepper. The pork lard is the highlight!!!
  • First impression during ordering already show poor attitudes from waitress
  • Tried the fish head noodle and fish porridge, both just average. I have requested for boneless fish & the waiter told me they can only provide lesser bone one. Then end up still that much of bones.
  • How do you support a business which has everything written in Chinese. ..
  • Hong Kong style steam fish head. Here also famous for their Fish Head Mee Hoon.
  • Hong Kong style Sang Yee is a must!!
  • Anything About Printing
  • HK style steam "sang yee", claypot ginger frogs, claypot eel are sumptuous!! Lots of lard, though.

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