Yolota 友乐达台北精致面馆

Row 1

Room 101 Building 6 No.169, Mengzi Rd, Shanghai (Liyuan Rd)
+86 21 5301 9038

Foursquare Tips

  • Can't go wrong here.
  • Get the half tendon half beef noodles. For drinks, grab a bubble tea next door!
  • Taiwanese comfort food: Seasame noodle with shredded chicken (warm not noodle)
  • Peanut sauce with chicken noodle is must-have!
  • Every single day after about 1pm, they say "we have no rice". WTF!? Half the menu is rice. BUY MORE RICE! I'm going next door to Top Chef.
  • Gan-myun with deliciously fried pork chop, dumplings in chili sauce, braised tofu... Original broth is the best, wine and spicy not as nice-y
  • Not the best. But still can feel tw.
  • DEMAND FOR fUcking RICE!!! Do not take no for an answer!!!

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