Yang's Dumpling (小杨生煎)

Fast Food, Dumplings, Chinese
愚园路816号 (江苏路)
Changning, 上海市


  • Four for $1 USD! Cheap and super duper good. I could eat here everyday!! I'm in love.
  • Got the runs after eating here. To be expected in china, but surprised cos I have never had a bad experience eating at Yang's.
  • Order and pay at the cashier then pick up your dumplings with the receipt at the window to the kitchen on the right.
  • Delicious dumplings: pork, shrimp and mixed meat/veg. Popular place - and it's easy to see why
  • Too oily dumplings
  • Incredibly cheap and impressively fast, though it gets crowded at peak meal times.
  • Yes yes yes,
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  • Dumplings are great and not expensive
  • Dum dum dumplings! Yum yum yumplings! 4/6 awesome sauce!
  • It's always packed with people! Come with someone else so you can have 1 person grab seats while the other wait in line for the dumplings.