Wuji's Mala House

$ $
1715 Lundy Ave Ste 100
San Jose, CA 95131


  • For the spicy broth, it comes in levels of spiciness from 0.5 to 5. I found level 2 plenty spicy -- anything above that might be difficult to eat. And I love spicy food!
  • Level 1 is already spicy. You can get the spicy broth with house ingredients of you are not into intestines. The pork is best imho.
  • Level 1 or 2 is hot enough. I'm partial to the lamb, special beef, and meatballs. You can get house ingredients with the mala spicy broth if you're not into tripe, intestine and such.
  • Also, even though the place is called a Ma La house, they do not seem to actually use any Sichuan peppercorn (hua jiao, the source of ma la flavor), so if you want it in your hot pot, bring your own!
  • Get the level 1 pork mala pot
  • Come early
  • Had Level 1 tonight. Lots of flavor and balanced heat. Will try Level 5 one of these days!
  • 0.5~
  • Prepare to wait before being seated. For large groups, call ahead and make reservations
  • wow looks nice, wanna try
  • You can order 1 pot and more meat if you only have two ppl
  • Make reservations to avoid lines.
  • Level one was perfect for me, who can handle level 5?
  • you can actually get house pot with mala spicy base if the tripe stuff creeps you out
  • Tried the lamb soup one not spicy but yummy, yet the variety in the pot is quite limited
  • Level 2. Get a mala pot with house ingredients. If you don't like innards get the seafood ... Broth is sweet a spicy
  • the wait gets ridiculous after 7pm
  • Very slow service..
  • Don't be a wimp, try level 5

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