Wolfgang Puck

American, Bar, Lounge
$ $
TF Green Airport (Adjacent Terminal 7)
Wawrick, RI 02886


  • Stop in for a beer and say hello to the waiter Jason
  • Since you are traveling and are on-the-go we know you want something fast and delicious. That is why we created Wolfgang Puck Express, now all you have to do is decide what you are in the mood for.
  • Sandwiches are almost $10 each, but tasty! And less filling than most things at Friday's.
  • Veggie pizza. Ask for more sun dried tomatos. Service was a bit slow
  • Chinois salad is like one big plate of Cole slaw with a few pieces of chicken.
  • Theres nothing to recommend here. As an airport restaurant service needs to be fast and efficient. This is the opposite.
  • BBQ Chicken Pizza is dangerously good eats.
  • Ask Jen how she enjoyed the 1D concert. And help her setup a 401K plan.
  • Caesar salad is a slam dunk. Good stuff for sure
  • Breakfast Pizza is delicious! Coffee however is Not!
  • Sunday bartender still sucks! Bring Jen back!!! For the love of god it shouldn't take 15 mins for a drink at the bar!!!! It's not busy, ever....
  • Really slow and really rude.
  • Skip this place! The staff is so busy bickering that customers are not taken care of. Food is not delish.
  • I know it's thanksgiving. I know I'm only here for 45 minutes. only person here, asked for football 3 times. fuck this place.
  • There may be a little too much cheese on the pizza. Considering ordering light on the cheese.
  • There may be a little too much cheese on
  • Jen can handle 20 customers at once, and still dish out the jokes.
  • Since you're at the T. F. Green Airport Wolfgang Puck Express- get the 9 oz glass of Pinot Grigio.
  • Nice place for a quick one before the Toronto flight
  • avoid this place like Wolfgang avoids speaking proper English. I sat for 10 minutes at the bar while the two employees behind the bar yelled at each other instead of offering me service.

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