Hot Dogs
3619 W Olympic Blvd (at 4th Ave)
Los Angeles, CA 90019
(323) 734-8714



  • Get the Angus chili dog on a REGULAR BUN... Sesame seed bun is DRY!
  • I discovered this place in TX. So glad to see it in CA. A must-visit place that gives Pink's a bit of friendly competition.
  • You can get two hot dogs and still stay under 500 calories. My votes are the kraft and deluxe dog. The chili cheese fries are the bomb, though.
  • Slowest. Weinerschnitzel. EVER, ESPESH the drive-thru...
  • The portions and prices kinda blow....this ain't no Pinks.
  • The bun was dry as stated
  • Ordered a combo with fries, didn't get them. When I asked for the fries the woman working the drive-thru said she didn't charge me for them. But I ordered them and wanted them...fuck this location.
  • Cop the root bear or coke float. #NuFF said