White Castle

Fast Food, Burgers
680 Somerset St
New Brunswick, NJ 08901
(732) 418-2233



  • Slow as hell late nights. Bring a book.
  • Service is ok.. Got there around 11:30pm and the drive thru was keeping them busy. Got onion chips, chicken rings and a chicken bacon ranch burger. Got some orders wrong. 3/5
  • The manager at night is so rude! I can't stand him!!! I should complain!
  • Racist racist racist. I should sue.
  • Racist late night drive thru employees. Wouldn't even talk to us when we had a question about what the Sac special included. Worst service ever...although I except nothing out of these workers.
  • Fast service today.
  • White Castle's motif was inspired by the famous Chicago water tower.
  • Nothing beats a cave case 2am to 2am
  • Try: 2 double cheeseburgers...onion rings instead of fries
  • It was empty and are food was fresh! :)

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