West Campus Food Trucks

Food Truck
2512 Rio Grande St (26th and Rio Grande St)
Austin, TX 78705


  • Had some of the best breakfast tacos of my life at Abuelita's. They hand make their tortillas too!
  • Velveteen coffee is the best! The cookie tastes like a cloud :)
  • Promises to be a rocking success if the cranky lot 'owner' gets out of his own way.
  • One truck sells slices of pizza until 3AM on weekends.
  • Thai of the Town is the best Thai I've found in Texas. Always a super-fresh and revolving menu.
  • Wunder waffle, short bus, blenders and bowls, fattonys brooklyn, wurst tex, velveteen coffee house, keithers kitchen, nomad dosa, mighty cone, thai of the town

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