Wai Kee Congee Shop (威記粥店)

Chinese Breakfast
82 Stanley St
中環, 中西區
+852 2551 5564


  • Congee is good but no tea & the place is a bit of a dump.
  • 7:00
  • Best congee in Central if not Hong Kong.
  • Great congee and rice rolls. Avoid sitting in back under the ancient sticky fly trap! ;)
  • Beef congee is minced beef and delicious, especially with some hot sauce. Yu tiao is very nice, too!
  • Don't expect anything fancy. Just eat some good ol' traditional congee. Have cheong fun and bread with it too!
  • Awesome old fashioned turnip cakes!!
  • Pig's Blood! That's "Pig Blood Curd" on the menu. The congee order comes in a smaller bowl but good things come in little packages (if pig's blood does it for you).
  • The century egg is milder than I prefer, and the congee errs on the side of being salty (not in a good, brothy-salty kinda way). That said, this is still a cheap and delicious congee.
  • Cheapest congee in Central. Congee and Cheung-fan are good, but I don't like their lor-bak-go. Still keeps the traditional low-class style. Love here!
  • I like the egg and pork congee () here. $18 is nice and cheap.
  • Economical and delicious.
  • Traditional HK style breakfast, simply and delicious.
  • No dumplings, just jook!
  • Best preserved egg & pork congee (I have ever had!
  • Love here's congee :))
  • Excellent porridge, try the pig's blood congee.
  • it's always good to have congee when you don't feel so well.