Wagas (沃歌斯)

New American, Salad
$ $ $
93-111 Huaihai M Rd | 淮海中路99-111号 (1/F-30 Times Square | 大上海时代广场)
Huangpu, 上海市 200021


  • veggie box!
  • No more bread and salad served with pasta! :(
  • Really stupid and non-functioning wifi keycode system installed.
  • No more bread with salad served with pasta! :(
  • There is much that is good here, but the cheesecake has a weird non-cheese taste.
  • Cappuccino and chocolate cake is bloody awesome!

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93-111 Huaihai M Rd | 淮海中路99-111号 (near Pu'an Rd | 普安路), Huáihǎi Zhōnglù