Voya Restaurant and Lounge

New American
$ $ $
1177 Melville Street (btn Bute and Thurlow)
Vancouver, BC V6E 0A3


  • Had dinner her last night. Beautiful room with very great service. Food was yummy. Loved the Meatballs and Chicken Wings - sounds blue collar but were very delicious!
  • Go to Voya for the cocktails, but stay for the wine list.
  • Best, most unpretentious & laid-back bar in Vancouver (well, I can think of a few others). Just go there and get lost with their well-appointed cocktail menu for a few hours.
  • Ask for clayton. He makes a drink that can cure frigidity and impotence.
  • The bartenders are intelligent, good-looking and friendly. Take advantage of these attributes,customer.Also, if you like Pinot Noir, order the cult favourite, Black Cloud.
  • Excelent breakfast
  • I love stopping in for a glass of wine in this lounge on a rainy day. It's cozy with very good service.
  • Last night I had an awesome time at Voya! This is an undiscovered party venue! Great food, great space, beautiful interior! Check it out
  • The Chocolate dome dessert is amazing!