Very Fresh Noodles

Row 1

75 9th Ave
New York, NY 10011
Noodles, Chinese
$ $
Mon–Sun: 11:00 AM–9:00 PM

Foursquare Tips

  • Good chew to the noodles, and nice flavor, though lacking in spice, but still doesn't beat Xian Famous Foods.
  • Classic mild is still pretty spicy, noodles are super thick, chewy and uncut. Beef is fatty but melt in your mouth
  • Get the mild beef noodles - still a tad spicy. Delicious noodles. Also taro bubble tea is awesome but was huge
  • The la mei beef noodles are delicious!!! (Tingly lamb also good but i preferred la mei)
  • All of the noodles looked delicious! The "very spicy dan dan mian" was amazing and indeed spicy a bit numbing but not overwhelmingly so. Bubble tea was pretty good, but the noodles are the star.
  • Superb Taiwanese noodles.
  • Well worth the wait for great dry noodles.
  • Vegan dan dan noodles are just so good, covered in dried favs bean slices instead of peanuts.
  • The Lamb Cumin Noodle is excellent! Watch them pull the noodles by hand through the glass.
  • I had the vegan mock duck soup, and it was amazing. I ordered the non-spicy soup, but it was still a bit spicy. So, if you're sensitive to spice don't order the spicy version.
  • Very tasty chewy noodles, I prefer the dry tingly, cucumber salad is nice and refreshing not too spicy
  • A good option for noodles if you're in the area but if you really want good beef noodle soup, I suggest making a trip to Chinatown.
  • Just the BEST. Can never decide between beef or lamb so my advice is to bring a friend so you can get both and share!
  • others may like it but the noodles are too wide for me, like eating a flat long wide ruler. the soup is also really oily. we also had the cucumber, although that was good again swimming in oil.
  • only slightly disappointing for the long dinner time wait, and i expected more tingle from the spicy tingly soup
  • Well, the noodles were indeed Very Fresh and handmade in front of you. The cumin lamb was excellent, better with soup than without (without was a little sour). Excellent and warm service too!
  • Excellent Taiwanese style beef noodle soup. Watching the team pull noodles in dance move fashion is a special treat in itself.
  • Hip hip CM noodle king / 1 hr!
  • Mmmm so tasty! We had the vegan option with mock duck which was meaty enough to satisfy my very carnivorous boyfriend. The noodles were stretched in front of us so couldnt have been very fresher!
  • Taiwanese beef noodle soup was delicious. Meat was tender and the broth was spicy. Lots of cilantro though which is great for me but I understand that's soap for some.

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