Turf N' Surf Poboys

Food Truck
1720 Barton Springs Rd
Austin, TX 78704


  • These guys get the best seafood in town (with the possible exception of Uchi/Uchiko). You can't go wrong with any of it...but the tuna is always a winning choice.
  • The grilled shrimp and blackened catfish tacos were on point. Full of flavor and so fresh. Also get the corn to share!
  • Their cilantro fries $4 are nothing to write home about. I would get some from another truck.
  • We got the tuna blackened on a taco and it was fantastic. Super fresh seafood and the taco was packed full of fish. I would order it again! $16
  • If you live in Texas or another landlocked city, I fully believe this is the best fish around. If you're from a coast, you'll probably be disappointed. It was alright, but I've had much better.
  • Shrimp basket was simply perfect
  • Y'all...y'all... Y'ALL!!! Blackened. Red. Snapper. Po-boy. Expensive for a food truck meal ($17), but sooooooo worth it.
  • One of the best seafood spots in Austin. These guys take pride in sourcing the best stuff and chances are you won't go wrong with anything that started in the ocean from this joint.
  • Grilled shrimp poboy w/ cilantro fries! So. Good.
  • Awesome employees! Pulled BBQ pork was sweet and juicy. Yum!
  • Had the blackened tilapia pinot and it wad awesome.

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