Tsui Wah Restaurant (翠华餐厅)

Hong Kong
291 Fumin Rd (at Changle Rd)
Xuhui, 上海市 200031
+86 21 6170 1282


  • Shits warning: Just saw a waiter taking a piss and leaving the bathroom without washing his hands
  • Come here with more than 100 RMB
  • Love all kinds of fried rice there and champagne milk tea
  • 55
  • Go old school with a spam-and-eggs sandwich!
  • Nothing is good here. Food expensive for the service. People smoke around you like in an airport smoking booth and if you really hit the jackpot you will sit next to a bunch of people yelling around.
  • The taste can't compare to those in Hong Kong. May be due to poor ingredients.
  • Loads and loads of hidden steps
  • Watch the step
  • Not the same as the ones in Hong Kong. They replaced some of the dishes with local crap!
  • They have free wifi now
  • Try the lime sherbet.... it's like a virgin mojito omnomnomnom
  • Save your time and money. Go to xinwang.
  • Fishball Noodle is overated. The noodles are often overly cooked.
  • Dont drink the water
  • Nice lunch place but food can be totally oily.

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