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Foursquare Tips

  • Love the ice cream jars. Unique flavor combos but no subs. Trade in the jar for a clean one and bring it back for $1 off your next ice cream purchase
  • Must get the shiitake mushrooms. Shaved beef belly is great too.
  • Chuck tail with Kalbi marinate (top right of the bottom plate)
  • Not the authentic kbbq (I.e., ktown in LA or NYC or other metropolitans) but a pleasant new experience that gives you an opportunity to enjoy kbbq with nice cocktails and great service.
  • You can only order noodles in the bar. Side dishes are not free. Go to a real Korean BBQ joint instead. Hint that this place isn't up to par: no Korean customers.
  • The new school snicker parfait is reasonably tasty. But the highlight really is the souvenir mason jar.
  • Fennel noodles with Chinese sausage
  • The stone pots and Wednesday Cat beer are a must.
  • A little pricy for me for kbbq
  • Korean black bean noodle special
  • Great food and fun to cook yourself. Hawaiian prawn dish especially good!
  • Rice cake noodles
  • Get the Honeycomb: burnt custard parfait is crazy good! The Pad Thai is a solid option. BBQ @ table joint in the back.
  • Noodle bar has tasty quick one-dish noodle meals with parfait for dessert. In Chinese we would say this place has great wok qi.
  • Fun spot for a casual noodle bite! Try their kimchi pork dumplings as a side for your lunch.
  • The rice cake dish at the noodle bar is one of the best things I've eaten recently
  • Happy hour noodles 4-6
  • This place is very good. Perfect balance of flavors and excellent service every time.
  • Get the meat... Unless you don't eat meat, in which case, you should get the vegetables.
  • Always really enjoy the new school parfaits. Beer selection is really interesting and different (in a good way); a lot of things you don't see anywhere else