Trois Fois plus de Piment

Row 1

Rue Saint-Martin 184 (Rue aux Ours)
Paris, 75003
+33 6 52 66 75 31
Chinese, Szechuan
Tue–Sat: Noon–3:00 PM Sun: Noon–3:00 PM

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Foursquare Tips

  • Amazing noodle place. Choose your dish (I recommend Nouilles Dan Dan), and your level of spice from 1 to 5 (tip: level 2 is already pretty hot, so don't be too cocky).
  • Les noodles sont mes prfrs de Paris ,bouillons , et les lgumes aussi dlicieux je recommande le niveau 1 car le sechuan anesthsie la bouche
  • Les raviolis 5 sont juste incroyables !!
  • Start with the beef then get their take on Dan Dan noodles in soup. 4/5 was insanely hot, in a great way.
  • The pork dumpling soup is delicious and incredibly spicy. I normally order Thai food Thai level spicy with no problem, and a level 4 here gets my nose running.
  • Authentic Sichuan spicy beef noodle soup. I'm so surprised to find such great Sichuan food in Paris that I almost forgot I'm in Europe. We also got the spicy dumpings. Highly recommend!
  • This place is just awesome. Small. Tiny. But the food. The food is from another dimension. Very quick service. Excellent quality. Loved it very much. Spice Level 0.5 was exactly right for my taste.
  • The DanDan Noodles are absolute perfection. Getting the soup with it makes it even spicier in my opinion. And damn is this food spicy - beyond a level 2 is a really challenge!!
  • Perfect chinese cuisine. You can eat ravioli as a starter it is really delicious.
  • This place is amazing! Truly the best Chinese food I've had in my life. Get at least the pork dumplings and the Szechuan Beef Noodles- you won't regret it!
  • Perfect authentic and spicy Szechuan food. Must go in Paris - try the dandan noodles or the spicy beef noodle soup.
  • Great and authentic Chinese ramen / noodles!
  • Sichuan beef noodle soup (and take the raviolis as starter!)
  • 3x is the best place to get real Sichuan cuisine, lots of spices, don't try to overdo it and take a high number the first time
  • Amazing place. Great staff. Delicious food. Down side: be ready to wait in a long line
  • Les raviolis en entre son divins et les nouilles se taper les baguettes par terre. Par contre queue de 30mn continue et lieu troit. Niveau piment : 1 je suis petit joueur.
  • Delicious and authentic Sichuan food. Get dumplings and the Sichuan beef noodle soup! Careful on the spice's level, you can choose from 0 to 5 but 0.5 is already quite spicy.
  • Can rave to much about this small Chengdu noodle place. Sichuan beef noodle soup is just fantastic. Choice spicy level between 1-3. Prepare for lines during rush hour.
  • Authentic, delicious and spicy sichuanese cuisine. Level 2 spice was optimal. Recommend DanDan, dumplings and sichuan beef. Top quality and taste!
  • Spiciest and tastiest Chinese food I've had in a long time. Perfectly cooked DanDan noodles and flavorful broth. Spice level 2 is already extremely spicy, but I would go for level 3 next time.