$ $
2045 Sheridan Blvd
Edgewater, CO 80214
(303) 237-1235


  • Really wish they would forgo the chopsticks and just forks and spoons, like you would find in Thailand, but that's a minor complaint. Spicy larb, great papaya salad, and a good Tom Yum soup.
  • Very cute little restaurant overlooking Sloan's Lake. Had the papaya salad, tom yum soup and thai smile combo. Everything was great and they take spicy very seriously. "Thai hot" is the real deal!
  • Kow Mok Gai (grilled chicken with sweet and spicy sauce and rice) and Sticky Mango dessert. My favorite Thai Resturant! Across from Sloans Lake (west).
  • Thailicious strikes the right balance of modern & traditional. The name & decor fit in with a trendy Denver dining scene, but the dishes are well-executed and classic, with just a few inventive riffs.
  • Really loved it here. Friendly staff, great surroundings, delicious and really beautifully presented food!
  • Drunken noodle !
  • Veggies in everything were very fresh!
  • Interesting menu, but they'll have to really step up the food to compete with US Thai around the corner. Service is spotty, but it's still a brand new restaurant so hopefully they'll improve.
  • Rude management staff, rude delivery drivers and rude wait staff.