Tea House

284-368 Massachusetts 2A
Orange, MA 01364
(978) 544-3802



  • Ask the waitress to eat a banana and then tip her
  • Not bad considering there are four Chinese restaurants between Athol and Orange
  • Huge portions! All was delicious. Excellent service.
  • Beijing Ravioli, General Gao's Chicken, Crab Rangoon and Egg Roll.
  • I love the Peking ravioli! The General Gao's chicken is excellent too.
  • Food is always fresh. All dinner specials are fabu.
  • C4 is really good. Love the Egg Fu Yong. Great Egg rolls. Can't believe it's only a 15 min drive away
  • Word on the streets is this joint is a big hipster hangout.
  • The waitress screwed up then the owner ripped her a new one in front of everyone awkward