Tai Wah Pork Noodle

Noodles, Chinese
#02-16 Hong Lim Complex Market & Food Centre (531A Upper Cross St.)


  • Get the dry noodle
  • They took order and collected money but insist on customer to continue to stand in the queue despite their preparation is so slow. It will Took more than 15 mins for my food to be ready after ordering
  • The queue is Long because they took 5 mins to prepare a bowl of noodle. This place is just over rated
  • The noodles were just AWESOME. The pork balls are very flavourful! The flat fish was crispy, the pork intestines were mindblowing. The Teochew dumplings were very savoury and delicious. YOU NEED THIS!
  • My partner used to come here every day when he worked in Singapore. Ask for extra vinegar!
  • Agree that the original Crawford Lane's Tai Wah BCM is still better. But the queue here is more tolerable.
  • I still prefer the tai hwa at crawford, but this is pretty good as well!
  • Excellent noodles, the use of fried flatfish adds an extra savoury dimension to the whole bowl. Yummy!!
  • Good chewy texture to their noodles and the sauce has a good punch to it. But think the Crawford Lane tai hwa is better.
  • My basic test of a good bak chor Mee is the serving of "Ti Poh" (slices of fried sole fish). And this stall serves it generously in their bigger bowls!
  • In Makansutra's 2011 "Die die must try" (3 out of 3 chopsticks)
  • Very balanced taste profile. Not too sour, not too spicy, very fragrant.
  • Good noodles however it is such a long queue and the portions are so small, one feels compelled to order at least $5 - $6. Anything less is not worth the time spent queuing.
  • Excellent noodles. Please have the lard pieces.
  • Don't be misled by the queue. I didn't think this was anywhere near as good as Ah Kow just round the corner.
  • Pork noodle (bak chor mee): Tai Hwa #02-16 serves delicious noodles fr as early as 8:30am on weekdays. Run by a relative, it's a gr8 alternative fr d long q @ main branch (Crawford Lane)
  • Opened by the nephew of the original Hill Street Tai Hwa Pork Noodle...which is now located at Crawford lane. Not nearly as nice but still well worth the wait.
  • This stalls rendition of the dish includes lard which infuses the noodles with more flavour

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