Szechuan Palace

$ $
2386 N Alma School Rd
Chandler, AZ 85224


  • Dishes made with Sichuan peppers can be a bit intense!
  • The water boiled fish is served in a bowl of piping hot chili oil and pepper flakes but its surprisingly not as spicy as it looks!
  • The pan fried squid (i.e. calamari) is the best! Good spicy flavor, will order this again and again.
  • Truly authentic, the best Chinese I've ever had anywhere! NOT for those who can't handle spicy, those who think PF Changs is actually Chinese food, or those who are afraid of "ethnic" food.
  • Lunch special is amazing. So much food for little cash!
  • Get the crispy spicy duck
  • Service is a little slow after 6:30