Sweet Melissa's

103 W Congress St
Savannah, GA 31401
(912) 341-0093



  • Get there before the bars close or prepare to wait. Yummy greasy I-know-I-shouldn't-be-eating-this pizza.
  • Yummayyyyy
  • amazing crust...a must have after a night out
  • Free whiffs outside. The most amazing smelling pizza on earth.
  • These hard working people deal with us at our worst. Bar closing time = drunk customers... Tip well!
  • They have Cheerwine on their soda fountain. Only place that I know of in Savannah with soda fountain Cheerwine.
  • Huge slices!!
  • You can get a large pizza there for $18 before midnight and there are DIFFERENT toppings other than pepperoni and cheese before 12. Who. Fucking. Knew.
  • One of the best pizzerias in georgia. :)
  • Great BBQ.
  • My $10 Bohemian is on the register
  • I seriously thought I was in a dream when I saw how big the Pizza was.
  • Best late night pizza in Savannah. Get there before 2 or be ready to wait around the block.
  • A lot of bums come here after the clubs close.
  • Its all good. Try a slice of cheese.
  • Open till 4am Monday through Saturday.
  • Late night pizza! Best crust!!!!!
  • Everytime my friends go out and party this is where we end the night. Pizza is amazing!
  • Huge slices. Perfect after a night out!
  • Xtra large pizzas so big that your jaw will drop!

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