Sushi Sase 鮨佐瀬 (鮨佐瀨)

$ $
UG/F, Hilltop Plaza, 49 Hollywood Rd
中環, 中西區
+852 2815 0455


  • The uni sushi is the best in town!
  • Must order the omakase..impeccable decor, highest quality fish!
  • Book ahead, request for chef sase, no point for going if your can't book sase san to prepare your omakase meal.
  • Must sit at the sushi bar.
  • Food is fresh and good as you would expect! Good service for a fine dinning experience. The restaurant is well known and expensive, so not the best value for money. Still I enjoyed the experience.
  • A bit pricey but loved the food, the sushi chef made all the difference to our visit.He was very nice, he helped to explain how to enjoy the food. V.good sushi. We had the omasake meal :) back soon
  • Not impressed
  • One of the best sushi places in town. Sit with Moto, Miki or Sase at the counter!
  • Good but not the best.
  • Sase-san can direct import seasonal seafood from Hokaido. The picture show the Ika from Hokaido together with yama-wasabi ( also from Hokaido )
  • Omakase - starts with a piece of salmon sushi!!! There was nothing spectacular about this place, in fact the whole experience was such a big disappointment.
  • Book the counter seat in front of Sase-san !
  • Omakase and sushi bar, the chefs are super nice
  • I still like my fav sushi joint (etsu) better but this is so close to work it's a quick fix to get some serious good sushi... is amazing here, so is and minced tuna shiso roll inside out!
  • It's just ok, super expensive, I ate in New Morimotos restaurant with 6 people same price as 2 people in sase sushi. And Morimotos so much better ! Make sure you are not serve by this chef!
  • Here's Sushi is traditional "Edo-Mae" style. No need to use soysource,,, ^ o ^
  • There is only course menu basically in dinner time, HKD1180-1580, suggest you better to choose Chef's Omakase. Moreover you point Sase Chef at reservation who is ower of Sushi Sase.
  • English name - Sushi Sase. Very expensive, but you will get some quality fish!
  • Didn't want a set menu, so ordered a la carte. Big mistake. Spent 2000 on 16 tiny slices of fish, which were above average (fresh but too thin, not ideal texture). About appetizer portion. Terrible.