Sandwiches, Fast Food
Persiaran Hi-Tech Avenue (Kulim Hi-Tech Park)
Kulim, Kedah 09000


  • Eating subway = eating a healthy diet. No regret :-)
  • "Wow" jus cost me rm 6.90! 6 inches bread, soft drink and cookies!!! Really make me WOW
  • did subway kulim is 24 hrs ?
  • Staffs are not friendly at all. Food ok tho
  • Chicken tandoori 11.50 saja
  • Bangla ni xpaham ka apa aku mntak hm
  • Too many people on Wednesday. Huarghh
  • It is secluded. Nice staffs
  • Chicken Slice is So Good!
  • Not so fresh la the veggies today, 27th Feb, 2015
  • Looking for sandwich? Healthy lunch or dinner? Affordable prices? Place for groups to gather around? Yup, that's it, they got it all.
  • balun ini macam esok ptg
  • Quick and healthy. Daily sub specials offer great value too.
  • Love the teh tarik taste....exquisite
  • Love the taste of Teh Tarik..smooth taste of the "kaw"!:-)
  • Staff suka buat bising
  • Wifi password is subwayk0312 and sad story is it sucks!!! Cant even check in, had to use boston cafe wifi to check in!! Haha njoy!

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