Steam Era Seafood Steamboat Restaurant 蒸时代海鲜蒸汽火锅

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  • seafood is really fresh, cooked with perfect timings and served while it is hot, really good. the porridge absorbs all the goodness and it is the best when eating.
  • Steam everything and eat the porridge
  • Everything here is so fresh! And the service is good too!
  • Fresh prawn
  • Fresh prawn the best
  • Steamboat the new version everything is so fresh and steamed over the boiling pot of porridge saved the best for last. Service is fantastic and MUST order the prawns and the Iberico pork!
  • Tasty foods & friendly staff.....
  • Everything is steamed. Excellent and healthy
  • Fresh seafood and the porridge is good
  • Had prawn for dinner. One of the freshest I've had and I'm not even a prawn person. Yummy and healthy meal despite being tad pricey.
  • 3.1448989, 101.7142260
  • 3.1448989, 101.7142269

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